Meet the Team

Stephanie Laitala-Rupp, General Manager
Since March 2013

"What our guests talk about most is that this is the first time in their life they have relaxed.  They are not checking their phones to see who emailed them or texted them--they leave it in their room. They don't think about it. They think about who they are with." - Stephanie Laitala-Rupp, General Manager

Emily Riechers, Assistant General Manager
Since May 2013

"What I find is so outstanding about Stout's Island is the enthusiasm, passion, and pride that staff members and guests have for the Island of Happy Days.  I have never encountered that anywhere else I have ever worked.  It is truly wonderful." -Emily Riechers, Assistant General Manager

Christine Pierce, Event Coordinator
Since July 2015

Brenda Poppe, Head Housekeeper
Since May 2015 (Housekeeper since May 2009)

Frank Saxinger, Front of House Manager
Since April 2016

Kelly McRaith, Island Gardener
Since Forever