A Romantic Island Paradise Like No Other

The Stout's Island Club is being established to give a select group of families the opportunity to share this magnificent & historic island lodge estate for generations to come.

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Romantic Island Lodges hold a special place in our imaginations, they feel and are a world apart.

The best of them offers both the quiet and privacy to dream, and the endless options for both adults & children to explore and discover the natural world plus enjoy endless recreational options on the club’s five islands and surrounding lakes.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine asked in an article, “What is it about our memories of summers spent by the lake that has such a hold on us?”

The article featured a few memorable retreats, describing Stout’s Island Lodge as “the platonic ideal of an American lakefront inn.”

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“We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

– Native American Proverb

The Club has an even higher “yes” – to give our members an opportunity to give back to the community and contribute to the global responses to the environmental catastrophe the world faces.

Members of the Stout’s Island Club will manage an affiliated non-profit 501c3 corporation to help with various local and regional environmental challenges. Contributions from individual club members will be solely at their discretion, but participation is encouraged.

Member Benefits & Amenities

All five of the clubs’ islands are being developed to include very special places for play, exploration, private reflection, napping & dreaming. When the Club has ample membership, the Island will also experience numerous improvements.

All Member Benefits

Accommodations & Lodging

Dining Room & Bar

Recreation & Island Activities

Flexible Workspaces & Conference Facilities

Work on the Island

The Club will offer dedicated quiet areas, along with a world-class boardroom and conference facilities, to satisfy the members’ need for a place for projects and, of course, to get some serious work done.

Island Wifi is provided by Starlink

Common Questions

Why was the Club formed?

There are very few places like Stout’s Island Lodge left in the United States, with the few remaining one succumbing to overdevelopment in order to generate the income & capital necessary to preserve them or being privatized for use as family compounds. The Stout’s Island Club is the answer for this magnificent island retreat to maintain its soul, and to continue to operate fully improved in facility and services, becoming a world class property it deserves.

Are there options for property ownership?

Yes – two options.  The first is, subject to personal use requirements: rooms, suites, and/or current or to be constructed homes are available for sale.  In addition, members may want to consider buying a shore property on Red Cedar Lake or the connected Balsam & Hemlock Lakes and – if approved by club management – include them in the club rental pool, and qualify for Associate Membership.

How many members will the Club have?

The current plan is for the club to have 300 Family Memberships with lodging, and 25 Associate Memberships that will not include lodging (for property owners/renters on the adjacent lakes).  In the event Club ownership/management elects to expand the Club properties it may also expand membership somewhat to keep members annual costs reasonable.

How are members selected?

A detailed application is required, along with reference letters. The process will include a personal interview and an extensive background check. The least important characteristic of a prospective member is the ability to pay - character matters more.

Am I allowed to have guests?

Yes. Guests must be accompanied by a member. In low season, members may send their guests unaccompanied for a maximum of two three-day visits per season based on availability.

What is the process to apply for membership?

Submit a membership application. If accepted, we will request your initiation fee, and your fee will be held in an escrow account until enough memberships have been sold to establish the club, and it can begin improvements & new construction.

Is the Stout’s Island Club pet-friendly?

There will be a limited number of accommodations available that are pet friendly. Service animals are allowed.

Will there be events and activities curated by The Club?

Yes, and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

Your Romantic Island Paradise Awaits