Member Benefits

Lodging Accommodations

Currently the club properties contain:

  • 40 guest rooms/suites on the main island
  • A three-bedroom lodge on Knapp Island
  • A four-bedroom summer house on Van Reed Island

Member daily rates are substantially discounted from market rates.

Building Additional Lodging

Building three 4-bedroom houses.

Additional construction will occur on the main island to expand the lodging options. The Club will add additional shore homes in the clubs rental pool, as demand dictates.

Work is underway to identify suitable shore homes.

Main Island

Knapp Island

Van Reed Island

Dining on The Island

In addition to the Member Dining Room & Bar in the Main Lodge, the Club has a variety of dining rooms, outdoor patios, and picnic areas.

The planning for the club recognized the need for spacious places for extended families/friends to meet, prepare, and share meals together. To that end the upper level of the Power House, at the boathouse complex, will have a complete kitchen as well as additional kitchens in some of the existing & new cabins - as well as on Knapp and Van Reed islands.

Flexible Workspaces & Conference Facilities

Work on the Island

The Club will offer dedicated quiet areas, along with a world-class boardroom and conference facilities, to satisfy the members’ need for a place for projects and, of course, to get some serious work done.

Island Wifi is provided by Starlink

“A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who does not play has lost forever the child who lived within him”

– Pablo Neruda

See Island & Local Activities
Boathouse Complex and Club Watercraft

Water Rat said to Mole: “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Wind in the Willows. Stouts Island Club agrees with Rat, and the Boathouse (Member Services Complex), on the north shore of the island, was re-designed for just that purpose; offering members: Elco electric motor launches, a waterski boat, fishing boats, sailboats, pontoon & deck boats, rowing shells, canoes, kayaks, water bikes, fishing gear and bait, and a variety of water toys.

Public Areas and Other Facilities

In addition to the above complex the Club has several beautiful common areas in the Main Lodge - the original living room and adjacent library and soon to be winterized porch.


The Club is fortunate to be located near several very high-quality golf courses including Tagalong on the lake (built by Frank Stout in the 1920’s) and Turtleback in Rice Lake.


Red Cedar Lake is a fine fishery. A variety of rods and tackle and bait will be available at the Guest Services Desk in the Boathouse Complex.

Summer Children’s Programming

Staffed Summer activities for ages 5 – 16 will be offered when membership numbers dictate. From June 15 through August 15th the club will provide the kids an activity manager - well versed in helping the children (and adults!) explore the natural world.

Children, Family and Adult Areas

In addition to common areas, the club’s islands contain children’s, adults, and family only areas.

Private picnic/beach areas

In addition, the member swim dock on the south side of the main island, several other areas (each with its own swim raft) will be available to members - periodically reservable for private family use.

Outdoor Indoor Yoga Studio

A new studio will be located in the woods across the bridge.

Game Room

This family amenity is located on the second level of the boathouse.

Become a Member of the University Club of Saint Paul

By joining the Stout's Island Club, you will also become a member of the University Club of Saint Paul and gain access to over 300 reciprocal clubs across the world from Australia, to New York City, to Tokyo.

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