The Island of Happy Days

The centerpiece of the club is “The Island of Happy Days” on which Frank Stout, a founder of the Knapp, Stout and Co. lumber company, the largest lumber company in the world at the turn of the century, and at the time one of Chicago’s wealthiest men, constructed his epic wilderness estate in the style of the Adirondack Great Camps in New York - well over 100 years ago.

The estates’ original buildings and lodge are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to the main island, there is the connected east island;  the Knapp Island, Van Reed Island, and a shore parking lot & marina.

An offsite member boat & personal property storage will be provided. The Club owns other properties for staff accommodation.

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Grounds, Gardens & Trails

All four of the clubs’ islands are being developed to include numerous very special places for play, exploration, private reflection, napping & dreaming.

A forest management stewardship plan will guide future land use.

Design and Land Use Philosophy: Building with Nature

Inspired by the English and American Arts and Crafts traditions and the development of the Great Camps in the Adirondack Mountains and Park.

“Island Architecture is Landscape Gardening surrounding a few rooms (our lodging options) for use in case of inclement weather, and the preservation of the ‘dark sky’”.

More Common Questions

How do I best access Stout’s Island?

By car, the Club is located on Stout’s Island, Birchwood Wisconsin – 14 miles NE of Rice Lake  

By private aircraft, Rice Lake Airport.  The airport handles all private aircraft and small commercial planes. The Club will provide transportation from the local airport upon request. One float plane at a time can be accommodated on the island.

By commercial aircraft, the airport in Eau Claire is located about 60 miles south of the Club and has daily connecting flights to Chicago’s O’Hare.

Are there options for property ownership?

Yes – two options.  The first is, subject to personal use requirements: rooms, suites, and/or current or to be constructed homes are available for sale.  In addition, members may want to consider buying a shore property on Red Cedar Lake or the connected Balsam & Hemlock Lakes and – if approved by club management – include them in the club rental pool, and qualify for Associate Membership.

Who operates Stout’s Island Club?

The University Club of Saint Paul is currently responsible for the operation of the club, but after the construction of club improvements and additional structures are completed a professional management company with demonstrated experience operating luxury resorts will take over management.

Are there plans to add additional properties and /or major amenities?

Yes. The club is currently looking at several shore property options. In the future the club will evaluate expansion opportunities as they appear.

Is there a golf course?

Tagalong Golf Club and Resort is located across the lake in Birchwood, WI, and is accessible by boat. Stout’s Island Club numbers will have preferred rates at Tagalong.

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