Relaxing Stay at our Luxurious Resort in Wisconsin!

Relaxing Stay at our Luxurious Resort in Wisconsin!
August 12, 2018

As kids return to school and families fall back into their routines, our cozy lodge becomes one of the best luxury resorts Wisconsin offers! Stout’s Island Lodge’s fall beauty and tranquility will rejuvenate you and your sweetheart as you reconnect on the shores of Cedar Lake.

Elco Lake Cruise by the best luxury resorts Wisconsin offers

Our Elco boats are beautiful wooden watercraft, and we offer daily tours of the lake aboard this magnificent vessel. Passengers of our Elco boat tours get a detailed history of the boat and its importance throughout history, as well as some historical facts about the Lodge and surrounding Lakes. Each trip accommodates up to ten travelers on each hour-long cruise. Please arrive at the boathouse at least five minutes before the scheduled departure time, to help facilitate the boarding process. Choose from one of our three packages, starting with the Elco Morning Cruisewhich is a family-friendly tour, and departure time is 10:15 am and requires a 4-person minimum. You are welcome to purchase food and beverages to bring with on the cruise, as this tour does not include food or drinks. Second tour option is Elco Happy Hour Cruise, starting a 4:15 pm for twelve-years-old and up. During the happy hour tour, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of champagne, house wine, or bottle beer and Chef’s choice appetizers complimentary to your purchase of the tour ticket. Elco Sunset Cruise is an adult only tour with a 2-person minimum, that includes a glass of champagne, house wine, or a bottle of beer as well as Chef’s choice of mini desserts.

Dinner for Two at our luxurious resort in Wisconsin

We suggest that families eat at our earlier times to offer relaxing times for both our adult guests and families. Our dinner menu includes small plates, entrées, nightly features, and desserts. If you want a quiet place to share a delicious meal, you’ll love our dining-room. Between delightful food and magical atmosphere, our historic lodge is the perfect setting for a candlelight dinner. As one of the highest luxury resorts Wisconsin has to offer, we pride ourselves on our well-stocked bar and extensive wine list. The crackling wood burning in the fireplace makes for the perfect romantic evening as you and your lover longingly gaze into each other’s eyes.

You’ll love the changing weather, from warm days to cool nights. As you and your significant-other snuggle by the fireplace reflecting on your Elco boat tour or a delicious meal at one of the best luxury resorts Wisconsin offers, you will treasure these memories forever!