Aerial shot of the two islands

A Romantic Island Resort

Stout's Island Lodge is located on Red Cedar Lake in Birchwood, Wisconsin. The main island is 12 acres and the east island is 5.7 acres.

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Getting to the Island

2799 27th Street, Birchwood, WI 54817

This address will bring you to our parking lot which adjoins a gravel path that will lead you to our Shore House waiting area and dock. The ferry will pick you up at this dock.

Shore house dock
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Stout's Island Lodge ferry


The Stout’s Island ferry leaves the island for the shore 10 minutes to the hour. The ferry arrives at the Shore House Dock on the hour and then returns to the Island.

Ferry Hours:
7:50 AM – 10 PM daily

Our ferries can hold a maximum of 10 passengers.

We have both a covered pontoon and an uncovered pontoon which we use alternately or in conjunction as appropriate with conditions. Our ferry is for passengers only; no vehicles are allowed on the ferry or on the island.

Ferry Requests Available

Ferries may be available at other times for a $25.00 fee

Please contact us at (715) 354-3646 for more information about off-schedule ferries.

Stout's Island Lodge ferry driver
Electric car charger

Electric Car Chargers

We have Tesla and Level 2 electric car chargers in our parking lot.