Elco Boat Lake Cruises

Our Elco watercraft is the beautiful wooden boat in the center slot in the boat house. We offer tours of the lake aboard the Elco where you will receive a thorough history of the boat as well as key facts about the Lodge and Red Cedar Lake (as well as Hemlock/Balsam Lakes).

All guests are welcome however we do have age restrictions in place in order to accommodate all of our guests and preserve the ambiance of the experience.

Max Occupancy:

Min Occupancy:

4 (if we don't have the minimum number scheduled for a particular cruise, you may be asked to move to a time slot where we have others scheduled and are able to reach the minimum number per cruise).

Cruise Length:
An hour to an hour and fifteen minutes

No food or beverage is included, but guests are welcome to purchase beverages in the bar/restaurant to bring with them on the cruise.

Schedule Your Cruise

Call 715-354-3646 to schedule your cruise or visit our office.

Important Note: Passengers must be at the boat house at least five minutes before scheduled departure time.