Fishing & Boat Rental

Red Cedar Lake boasts some very good fishing, and some of the best on the lake is right in front of our boathouse. Below you will find recommended guides for fishing excursions, information on fish species, and boat rental information.

In addition, all guests must strictly follow the following fishing laws:

  • A valid fishing license is required. Licenses may be purchased online or at several nearby locations. Please inquire in the office for assistance in printing your license purchased online.
  • All fishermen must comply with state conservation laws and possession limits.
  • All boats must carry an approved floatation device for each occupant.
  • Motor trolling is allowed on Red Cedar Lake.
  • No one shall release a fish once it has been placed on a stringer in order to replace it with a larger one.
  • Release a badly hooked smaller fish by cutting the line at the lips.

More facts, figures, and regulations from the DNR

Shore house dock
Aerial shot of the two islands

Guided Fishing Experience

Up-Der North Guide Service

Licensed fishing guide Steve Sedani has over 30 years’ experience fishing the lakes of Barron & Washburn counties, where walleye, northern, and pan fish await.  Steve can provide day or half day excursions on Red Cedar Lake and will provide all necessary equipment.

Contact Steve:
Ph: 715-829-9477 (voice or text)
Email: (he checks this every day)

MBM Guide Services

MBM specializes in guide service, pontoon and ski-boat rental.  Reserve your date in advance (1-2 weeks at least–more during busy summer season).

Price: $350 half-day and $500 full-day

All equipment provided; inquire for details about meals included.

Guides services available on Red Cedar Lake, Shell Lake, Long Lake, and more!
Ph: 715-645-2073 (Mitch) or 715-645-2209 (Tammy)

Fish & Techniques for Catching Them


Walleye are found near cribs, weed beds and rock bars.  They will move into deep water during the hot summer and can best be caught during the summer.  These fish usually are found on or near the bottom, therefore it is necessary to use jigs or put weight on the line.  Casting and slow trolling are both good techniques, but it’s best that your bait is near the bottom.

We suggest you use light spinning or spin casting tackle with 4-8 lb. test line for walleye fishing.  A limber rod will enable you to feel the strikes.  Remember, walleyes frequently eat slowly, therefore do not set the hook too soon.  Minnows, worms and leeches are all good walleye bait at different times of the year.  If you do not have action with one type of bait, try another!  Most successful walleye fishermen use either jigs in the 1/16 or 1/18 oz. size or small hooks.  Other techniques such as casting or trolling with small plugs like Rapala are also worth trying in the spring.

Walleyes tend to “school,” so a weighted floating marker to mark an area where you had “strikes” is suggested.  Often a walleye “school” will feed for only a short period of time.  With two rods, you can cast one out and re-bait the second rod while your first bait is sinking to the bottom.  Check your bait regularly to make sure it is intact, lively and weed free.  Try using small 1” or 1 1/2” minnows during the summer.  Leeches will often work, as well, when no other bait will.  Perch and bass like them as well.


Casting minnows (on weed-less hooks) or small plus spinners into the lily pads weed beds, and felled trees are the most productive techniques.  Many bass are also caught using worms & leeches.  Most bass fishermen use light tackle.  Weights are not normally required when casting for bass.

Perch & Pan Fish

These species are plentiful in our lakes.  These great eating fish are usually caught near the deep-water cribs with small minnows, worms, or leeches.  Do not overlook fishing for these species.  They often will provide you with lots of action when other fishing is slow.

Pontoon Rentals

We have a variety of pontoons that are available for rent on an hourly or daily basis.

Please call 715–354–3646 or visit our office to schedule your pontoon rental!

Shore house dock
Aerial shot of the two islands

Docking Spaces on the Island

Stout’s Island’s infamous Boat House is home to our five boats: two passenger, two flatbed work boats, and the wooden Elco.  We use the three covered slots for our passenger boats and the wooden Elco.  There are three spots on the outside of the boat house and along the Power House that are available for rental.

If you would like to bring your own boat to the Island, or will be renting a boat you would like to dock, you may reserve a boat docking space in advance with the office.

Call (715) 354-3646 or email us at to reserve. You must be a guest on the Island to reserve a docking space.

Each space is $50 per day.

Boat Docking Spaces

Docking Space 1 (west side of boat house) =  Fits up to 26 foot watercraft
Docking Space 2 (east side of boat house) = Fits up to 24 foot watercraft
Docking Space 3 (east side of boat house) = Fits up to a 24 foot watercraft

If you do not require daily docking or do not wish to rent a docking space, you may launch and trailer your boat at the boat launch on the north side of our dock on shore.