Forever Starts Here

Forever Starts Here
March 23, 2018

It’s easy to understand why destination weddings are so popular: It’s a built-in vacation for you, your family, and your friends. Everyone gets to spend more time together, setting aside the grind of everyday life to immerse in celebration mode.

But there are a few drawbacks to the “typical” vacation wedding: For starters, it’s a lot to ask your guests to book plane tickets, update their passports, take time off work, and possibly secure extended child care coverage.

Even if your guests have unlimited funds and free time, there’s still a problem. Planning all the details of a celebration from across the country or around the world is intimidating, to say the least. What if something—or someone doesn’t make it through customs? What if there was a language barrier that led to a major logistical snafu? Suddenly, your dream vacation is a nightmare.

Solution: Follow your dream of a destination wedding, but do it right. Experience the best of both worlds. Make it an incredible weekend getaway, close enough to home to make it inexpensive and simple to get there—yet miles away from the daily grind.

Stout’s Island Lodge is just the place. It’s just two hours by car from the Twin Cities, and a few hours further from Chicago. It’s perfectly isolated—we’re only accessible by boat in the summer—yet close enough to civilization for every “oops, we forgot something” emergency. And our onsite staff are  experts at facilitating weddings and events of every scale and style, making the whole process stress-free.

Something amazing happens here: Amid the whispering trees, lakeside sunsets, the starry night sky, the real world melts away. It’s like hosting your event at your friend’s elegant summer estate—if your friend’s estate happened to have an onsite, gourmet restaurant featuring handcrafted artisan fare from our talented chef.

“Rustic elegance” is one of the most coveted wedding themes, and we’ve got it built right in. Come check it out for yourself—and book early to secure your dream weekend for your dream event.