Spotlight on Allison 1

Spotlight on Allison 1
March 23, 2018

At Stout’s Island, sometimes choosing your room can be the most difficult decision you make. We want to make that easier–

Introducing Room Spotlights! Leading up to 2018 open, we will be posting an in-depth description and helpful tips about each of our rooms to help you decide your perfect room.

Situated on the northern edge of the island above the lake, the main room features a king bed with a beautiful wooden bedframe, two comfy sitting chairs, and a desk where you can share your thoughts in Allison 1’s personalized guestbook—a log of hundreds of happy visitors who have enjoyed the comforts of this timeless space.

The stunning view from the all-season porch remembers the thousands of beautiful northern Wisconsin sunsets. This all-season porch doubles as a sleeping area with two twin beds, which makes the room perfect for up to four people. There is a bookshelf filled with an eclectic collection of books—from novels to bird watching guidebooks to biographies. A few steps from the front door of Allison’s cabin are a number of Adirondack chairs to enjoy whilst reading a book or simply taking in the peaceful sounds of nature and the crackle of the chimney.

The in-room wood-burning fireplace is fed by a large stack of wood just outside the building. On a cold or breezy day guests can sit back in one of those comfy chairs and relax away from their everyday.

To the left of the bed, the oversized bathroom features a large shower and plenty of space to get ready for dinner in the Stout’s Island dining room.

The consensus is unanimous–this grand room is together rustic and elegant.

What guests of Allison 1 are saying…

“Arriving at our cabin – Allison 1, was more of a dream than reality. Utterly perfection of styling and comforts for a romantic getaway.” – Tripadvisor Reviewer 2Guys2014
“I had an amazing time. Slept like a baby, relaxed, and the staff was amazing.” – Ashley D W Moore

Average pricing

Approx. $399 per night.  Weekday discounts available.


Premium Room

What other rooms are close and rent well with each other

Allison 2 (the upper room in Allison’s Cabin), Main Lodge 4, Main Lodge 5

What recreation is closest to the room

The Game Room & the Great Room

Distances from other places on the Island

Dining Room / Great Room 2-3 min. walk
Ice House / Office / Patio 4-6 min. walk
Tennis Court 8-10 min. walk
East Island 10-12 min. walk
Main Lodge 1-2 min. walk
Watersports 12-15min. walk
Boat House 3-5 min. walk