Spring Showers

Spring Showers
March 23, 2018

Couples and family alike will rejoice that the Island is no less beautiful than it was when six months ago it saw off our last guests of the year. Spring showers have come and fed the beauty of the spring bloom—slow, at first, but promises of full, lush gardens sprout from the unfrozen ground.

While we wait, our staff will be working tirelessly to bring the Island back to life for the enjoyment of our guests. There are bag toss boards to be dusted and shined, kayaks to be returned to their racks, beds to be made, and a restaurant and bar to be restocked. In just three short weeks, Stout’s Island Lodge will be open again for the 2017 season for the enjoyment of our treasured guests.

Over the winter, we have planned and plotted an even greater season than the last. Another section of the enormous Main Lodge and our quaint little Shore House waiting area on shore have brand new cedar shake installed skillfully on their roofs. Our labor of love continued with a fresh coat of paint on our beloved Gardener’s House—lookin’ sharp! And the updates and improvements continue!

After all that work, we can’t wait to have guests on the Island once again. We look forward to another wonderful season on the Island of Happy Days! See you soon!