Katherine's Cabin

Katherine was Frank D. Stout’s eldest daughter, and it is for her that this cabin is named. Despite its more recent construction, Katherine’s Cabin fits with the island rustic elegance theme. Many times praised for being perfect for families looking for a long summer weekend, renting all four of Katherine’s rooms will give guests access to a private deck & patio, a full kitchen, and plenty of space for 8-12 guests. While the rooms in Katherine’s Cabin can remain private, they also connect to create a fitting family gathering space.

This cabin contains Katherine’s 1. Katherine’s 2, Katherine’s 3, and Katherine’s 4.  Details regarding the amenities in each of these rooms can be found below.  Rooms may be rented individually or together (subject to availability).

Based on seasonality and subject to availability. Check availability for the most accurate pricing.

*Does not include taxes or service fee
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