Stout’s Island Lodge Blog

A New Season: Welcome New, and Seasoned, Friends!

Each spring, anticipation and preparation for our first guests brings a burst of activity on the island to make sure that we are ready opening weekend!

Spotlight on Allison 1

Spotlight on Allison 1 At Stout's Island, sometimes choosing your room can be the most difficult decision you make.

Forever Starts Here

It’s easy to understand why destination weddings are so popular: It’s a built-in vacation for you, your family, and your friends. Everyone gets to spend more time together, setting aside the grind of everyday life to immerse in celebration mode.

Spring Showers

Spring Showers Couples and family alike will rejoice that the Island is no less beautiful than it was when six months ago it saw off our last guests of the year.

Pack Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags! When you think of weather in northern Wisconsin, “mild” might not be among the first few (or thousand) words that come to mind.

Spring into the WI Outdoors

As winter melts away, Red Cedar Lake WI is flourishing into spring. Canoes and kayaks are ready to hit the water and take their first outing of the season. The hiking paths around Stout Island Lodge are a great way to enjoy Red Cedar Lake scenic landscape and gardens.

What’s on the Menu?

Make your summer vacations a tasty stay by enjoying some outstanding food at Stout restaurant!

On the Water at Stout’s Island Lodge!

It’s that time of year where kids live in the water as parents either join them or watch from the quiet shade of their beach umbrella! Our Wisconsin Lake resorts are the perfect getaway for families looking to get out on the water!